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We offer workshops in claymation, Lego animation, paper cut-out animation and photo manipulation. The beauty of our workshops is that participants can learn new skills and confidence using simple apps which they can download and continue to use at home.

Can Do Academy works with kids from 6 years upwards including teens and adults. Our experience includes working with people of all levels of ability and in many different situations.

Bespoke Animation Projects

Can Do Academy are also available for bespoke animation projects which can be tailored to suit your educational remit.

We have worked with organisations such as Belfast City Council, Lagan College, Belfast Hills Partnership and The Department of Agriculture to create educational animated films with various groups of children and adults. We work with adults with learning difficulties and special needs groups.

If you have a specially funded project which requires an active creative engagement from the community, we are happy to meet and devise a brief to suit your desired outcome.

If you would like to hear more about our workshops or events you can get in touch with us here:

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